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A new knight approaches…

It has indeed been a while since we posted any news on our site, we’ve been working hard on Project Spin adding new features we’ll be announcing soon! But we’ve also been working through some team changes all of which… Continue reading

Scrufflelots at Insomnia 61

We’re excited and thrilled to be announcing that Project Spin will be available to play at Insomnia 61 between the 25th and the 28th of August at the NEC in Birmingham.

Our team will be at the event showcasing the… Continue reading

New website

We’re excited to announce we’re working on a new website, this site can be found here, whilst we aim to keep people updated through this site, as time progresses and the changeover begins, the beta website will get more news… Continue reading

Project Spin!

We at Scrufflelots are excited to finally announce Project Spin, this has been a long time coming and an even longer way to go! We’re not finished yet, but we’ll keep you informed throughout the development process!


Officially Incorperated

Scrufflelots are very excited and eager to announce we are now an officially incorporated business. Within the United Kingdom we are an official business.

We don’t have much to add at this time and more information will come in the… Continue reading

The Website is up!

This is our first full news post on our website. Whilst the Website isn’t completed yet, and this may not be the final version. This is, for now. Our Website.

This post won’t be incredibly long, but we’re hoping to… Continue reading