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A new knight approaches…

It has indeed been a while since we posted any news on our site, we’ve been working hard on Project Spin adding new features we’ll be announcing soon! But we’ve also been working through some team changes all of which have been positive. We’d like to formally welcome David to the Scrufflelots Team as a new Programmer, Artist and Company Director.

David actually has a lot of history with the team. David joined us in the 2016¬†Global Game Jam to create a small dungeon crawler. He was also originally going to be one of the founding members of Scrufflelots but had to bow out due to personal reasons. He’s, in fact, the person who designed the Scrufflelots Castle, so it feels like he’s always been with us. David will be working with us primarily within on the art side of the company.

Today we officially welcome him back to the Scrufflelots Team.