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Who are we?

Scrufflelots is a five-person game development company formed by students from Southampton Solent University. The group formed as part of an optional placement year within the Computer Games Indie course. We decided to make our own game development company as it allowed us to have freedom to choose what we wanted to do. Currently working on an in-house project and a few external games. The group is passionate about making fun experiences anyone can enjoy.

The Team

Who will win?
James, Ashley and Alan squaring off in Project Spin
Post Game Discussion
James, Ashley and Alan discussing how to improve Project Spin
A battle tell the end
James and Daniel duke it out in Project Spin
Another game
Daniel, Alan and James playing just a bit more of Project Spin
The Scrufflelots Team
Marketing Lead Ashley, Primary Programmer Alan, Programmer and Artist Daniel and Lead Artist James

TecTops is a 2-4 player arena brawler in which you use SpinTec to defeat your opponents, battle your way through the arena’s and use your Utility, Heavy and Ultimate abilities to obliterate your enemies into pieces (literally). More information will be coming soon. Until then follow us on social media for updates.

Game Info
Platform TBA
Release Date TBA (Q3 2019)
Game Size
Game Languages English
Players (Offline) 2-4



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